In partnership with INTERSECTIONS MEDIA, in collaboration with VANCOUVER FRIENDS FOR LIFE , Katarina (Kat) Thorsen‘s interactive art event: heroes with heART at District 319! The art will be auctioned off AT THE EVENT! Hosted by myself @RebeccaRaw and @TommyD!

THURSDAY June 23, 2011 8 PM- 11PM, DISTRICT 319
319 Main Street, Vancouver BC
Age 19+ (no minors)
Participation in the interactive event is by donation (minimum donation $15 between 8 and 9 PM, $20 between 9 and 11PM). Pay as you enter the workshop!

This event is an interactive, therapeutic art night to celebrate iconic heroes in the LGBT activist community and other heroes with heART, and marking the anniversary of Stonewall.

Featuring Vancouver activist icons as both portrait subjects and special guests! YOU will finish portraits of these subjects that Kat has started!

The list of portrait subjects includes Tommy-D, Rebecca Rawlinson, Joan-E, Jonny Staub, Tracey Bell, Linda Fillmore, Barb Snelgrove, Velvet Steele, Fred Lee, Charmaine Crooks, Ryan Steele, Peter Breeze, Adam Dreaddy, Mia More, Jocelyn Louise, Jay Fisher and MORE! OMG!

As mentioned, participation in the interactive event is by donation (minimum donation $15 between 8 and 9 PM, $20 between 9 and 11PM). This will include full use of beautiful art supplies, a bracelet for in and out access, two raffle tickets for original pieces of art by Kat, and one raffle ticket for a Frida Kahlo sock monkey by Kat!

The centre of the workshop room will be filled with art supplies, and all the participants will interact with the subjects who are in attendance and paint on the unfinished pieces (which are 40″ x 60″) as a big group art session. It’s an experiment. How people finish the pieces is unknown! It’s about letting go and sharing. Finishing with colors, painting on clothes, throwing on glitter, writing words, conversing!

In the main lobby there will be a full cash bar, lots of treats (by Copper Alley Café) and community connections. There will also be youth art on display!

***AUCTION UPDATE! We’ve decided to auction off the 40″ x 60″ interactive portraits THE NIGHT of the event with proceeds going to Vancouver Friends For Life! About 5 of Kat’s smaller portraits will also be auctioned off during the evening, with part of proceeds benefiting Intersections Media as well as Kat’s art therapy program!

In the theatre, there will be looping videos and a lounge for attendees.

At the event, Kat will do a live portrait and body painting on a model.

The entire process will be documented on film by INTERSECTIONS MEDIA, and photographed by Julia Kozlov!

~ I hope to see you ALL there!!!  XOXO

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