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Well, hello there! #Balmain

This dress is BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go Olivier, you WIN.  Now be a good boy and send me this dress so I can show it off for you…  MuahMuah dahlinh! xoxo Rebecca Bree Advertisements

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Kate, let’s have a chat…#KateMoss

How do you do it? Where did you get those boots??  Perfection…seriously Will you lend me your furs? Pleeeeeease….?? Kate, you are lovely…truly lovely.  Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis.

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I heart The Man Repeller!

Thanks for being such a sweetie and chatting with me about ARM PARTIES!!!!!!!!! I am now on the hunt for some more to add to my collection…like this below:Picture from: ManRepeller Blog  

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Jason Matlo’s 21st Birthday!

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This is what I love about FASHION.

Absolutely gorgeous…these ladies have some sick style.  Check those shoes!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH I DIE!!!!!!!

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Black & White and All Right.

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Lanvin Resort 2012

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