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Kate, let’s have a chat…#KateMoss

How do you do it? Where did you get those boots??  Perfection…seriously Will you lend me your furs? Pleeeeeease….?? Kate, you are lovely…truly lovely.  Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis. Advertisements

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Summer Shoes….I DIE!

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Pre-Fall Goodies

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WISH LIST: Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

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Anna Dello Russo.

Dear ADR, I want your wardrobe. Love Rebecca Watch Anna describe her style and her wardrobe for Fashion Week in Paris

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Spring Bags.

Now that I have had my fill of shoes…..wait a second…not possible, I decided to focus on some bags this morning.  Some GORGEOUS bags. Which one is your favorite??

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Kate Moss’s Balmain leather pants.

I would give my left arm for these….. Dear Kate, I want your pants. Love, Rebecca

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